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Automated Aeration Control

To reduce the rate of grain deterioration and thereby preventing storage losses, grains must undergo the process of aeration. Spoilage in stored grain is related to the moisture content and temperature of the stored grain. These controllers dry, cool and maintain the moisture content of the grain with a fully automated transition between the three […]


Hazard Monitoring System

Every factory or industry operating with electrical equipments and machineries have inherent risks for ignition and explosion. This hampers not only the productivity of the industry, but is it also a big safety concern for the employees. Hence, all grain elevators must have a Hazard Monitoring System installed. Among the common hazards include belt slip, […]


Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature is the only truly accurate indicator of grain quality. It is the key to safe grain handling and storage as well. When grain goes out of condition, regardless of the cause, there is always an unusual increase in temperature. Through the use of thermocouple cables made of copper and constantan, the heat sensing points […]

A little about us

In 1977, Michael started working as a grain man and there he learned more and more about the industry farming. Finally In 1991, he started out on his own company and took a special interest in temperature monitoring and aeration control. Being a family owned business, M&L Equipment takes pride at what they do and continues to be one of the leading farm equipment service providers in the country. Only five companies in the United States are in the same business as them and not all are providing aeration control services.

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